Hi All, still learning the guitar and am looking for a quality tube comb amp for under £1000 and then to buy effects on top up to £400.

ME: AM in a covers band as singer who wants to dabble every now and again on guitar. We play Beatles through to Muse, Stones through to phonics etc. However I love rock and metal, Alice in Chains, Karnivool, Tool, Slayer etc so want a versatile amp so I can record my own music at home.

I have a Tremonti SE, Ibanez RG, Gordon Smith Custom. Line six POD XT pro for recording and a Line 6 Spider for rehearsal (which just doesn't cut through and the sounds are very harsh)

Question 1:

Which is the best amp. I like the ENGL, Orange, VOX and Blackstar, tried a Marshall but wasn't that keen.

Question 2:
Do I go for multi Effects board Pod HDx or buy individual Boss and Electroharmonix pedals knowing that you cannot fully bypass the POD board.??