Today Im going to get a whole new setup. Been saving awhile and I have a $3000 limit. I have my heart set on an American Telecaster for my clean moderate distortion rock/country and an Ibanez RG370 for my heavy rock sounds. So Now I need a great all around amp. My main live sound is Texas country but I love playing heavy rock. Im looking for all tube amp around $1500. Not too big but because I live in an apartment but would be great live. Give me suggestions! Thanks!
Hi, this is way at the lower end of your budget, but I recently got a VOX VT80+, and cant believe how good it is. Quite small with a single 12 inch speaker, but able to offer all sounds, through amp modelling, also has effects, noise reduction and a valve pre-amp. It will handle lower volumes, but I'm also in a gigging band and it easily handles decent sized pubs, etc on the volume side. Cant recommend it enough. You then have enough cash left over for another guitar ! Cost me £300 (~$500) with the foot switch.
Could you fill this out, please?


Budget? - What is practical for you and what is your limit?

Genres? - What style do you play mostly, fav guitarists, do you need cleans, etc?

New or Used? - Lots of great amps out there used, especially in a down economy.

Home or Gig? - Also important. Maybe you do both. Jamming with a drummer can be considered 'gigging' but you won't have a PA etc.

Closest City? - We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly and we can help further if we know what city you are in (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc)

Current Gear? - Also good for us to know.


That will make giving suggestions a lot easier.
^ that

Texas country and heavy rock do not give us much info. Out of the gate I will recommend a USED head-cab configuration (vs a combo). Therefore you will need $300-$600 of your amp budget for a speaker cabinet.

Also, you may be able to find a guitar that does all of the music you like to play and therefore increasing your amp budget.

Nevertheless, something like a used Mesa Mark III or a Splawn Quick Rod might do 'ya.
Budget? - $1500 pre tax
Genres? - Primary- Texas Country. Secondary- Alt Rock example Nickelback
New or Used? - New or Used
Home or Gig? - Both
Closest City? - Austin, Tx
Current Gear? - Nothing. Buying American Standard Tele and Ibanez RG370 today. Will run a Boss GT-8
Marshall JVM 205H with cab (50W, 2 channels x3 modes each = 6 channels and midi)
Marshall JVM 210H with cab (same but 100W)
Marshall JVM 410H with cab (100W, 4 channels x3 modes = 12 and midi)

Should be able to get the heads for $1000-$1200
Cabs will add $350-$500 for 412
Cabs will add $200-$400 for 212

Will produce all the tones you are looking for with the proper guitar/pickup combinations for said genres, sounds very good at lower volumes as it is has dual master volumes and channel volumes. It is very easy to mod (should you be so inclined), can be easily incorporated into a switching rig as it has full midi capability.
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if you have $3k to play with, make sure the ibanez is prestige
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have you extensively played both of those guitars and if so what amps did you try them through? kind of a tall order finding an amp that can do both however I'd suggest a Mesa for that kind of money. a 5:50 perhaps or the Lonestar. maybe a good overdrive for the heavier sounds and you should be good to go.