Hey guys!
Just if you are in the mood.. check out one of my first recordings!
Maybe you will find something you like there..

Lucid Dreaming


Happy new year!

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Thank you so much!
Yeah this is one of my first trys.
I just started recording, mastering and stuff and I will try to improve the quality

I use Cubase as recording software, my Line 6 Spider Valve mk II HD100 amp (no post EQ) and the Shure SM57 Mic.
For drum programming I used the Superior Drummer 2.0 wich I think is awesome.

I hope my recordings will get better soon.

Best wishes!!

Yeah, not the most original sounding riffing. I think it sounded good but as I said, pretty "generic" sounding heavy riffing. As a first recording pretty decent stuff. Sound quality was good.

Some parts kind of sounded like you played one riff just once and then copied it when you needed to repeat it (or at least recorded the song in many parts). There's that kind of strange sound between some sections (there's some kind of strange space or the sound is cut or something). I do record all my songs in parts but I try to make it sound like one continuous recording. So pay attention to that. Maybe start the recording a couple of bars earlier so that you get in the groove before you start recording (use two tracks for one track so that you can start the recording earlier without needing to overwrite the section before that). That's what I do and it works most of the time.

I would maybe also improve the drums - maybe use something else than just double kick and blast beats. They are pretty overused (especially in this kind of music) and also contributed to the "generic heavy sound".

But yeah, as I said, the sound quality was good and I think the song had a good flow. And sorry if my crit feels too harsh. Don't get me wrong, I think the song was decent but just a bit generic sounding. IMO good flow is the most important thing and your song had it. And I'm just trying to give advice to improve your songs.

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This is some good stuff! You have some good riffs going on and are making good use of multiple guitar lines and ambient effects. If I may make a critique, try adding a high pass filter to your guitar to filter out some of those muddy frequncies. I do agree with MaggaraMarine in that the song can get a bit repetitive, but for your first recording this sounds amazing, far beyond what I was doing at first at least, haha.