Okay, so I recently picked up a Dean Vendetta 1.0 from my cousin for 50 bucks. It was just taking up space for him. Anyway, it plays perfect! Action is great and all the knobs are in working order and the tune-o-matic is solid. My guitar just has no sustain. I need some suggestions on what I should do. I'm not sure if its the pickups or internal wiring. Anything could help, thanks.
Pickup height would be my guess as well. The closer they are to the strings, the more sustain you will get.

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How old are the strings?

get a new set of strings and see what the sustain is like...
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Isn't it the other way around because the magnets pull on the strings?

Is it? I thought because the string was closer, it sent more vibrations to the pickup

EDIT: Yeah, you're right The further away from the strings will give you a longer sustain due to the lower magnetism but will reduce the output of the pickup which isn't a problem as long as your amp can drive the tone to what you want.

If this doesnt work, try changing the strings. He may not have changed them for a long time and maybe look into replacing the tail piece, tuners and bridge. Not all in one go or whatever but these will hold the strings better.

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Okay UG where's my refund and free xbox. I need It for my 80 yr old grandma. She needs a new flower pot
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I just put new strings on it last week and the distance of the pick ups to the string are 4mm to the neck and 5 mm for the bridge
There's no set rule. It's a taste thing.
Fiddle around with it until you find a sweet spot that you like. There's nothing you can really screw up or break.
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Are you sure it's not your amp?

Did you go to a smaller string?

The nut slots being too large can cause
lose of sustain.

If it ain't the strings or setup, then the
nut and bridge are the next suspects,

Lower your pickups down pretty far and you should at least double your sustain, and then just turn your master volume up on your amp. Other than that, a metal nut (especially a roller nut) would definitely help with some of the problems and even help your tone. The last thing I can think of is an electronic sustainer. I use the Boss CS3 compressor sustainer, and I have my guitars sustain forever, but anything like the CS3 design should be fine.
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My set up is a digitech rp355 straight into a Line 6 spider IV HD150 MK2 half stack and all of my other guitars are fine it's just the one. Last week I went up in string gauge from 9's to 10's but my nut or bridge could be the culprit.
action also counts, if it's too low your strings will hit the fretboard and you will lose sustain.
if it's the nut or bridge, it will have bad sustain when played unplugged too
Have you turned off the noise gate on your amp? it will clamp off the notes really fast
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Its none of the above, its the guitar. Its made out of a really light wood that has so much dampening effect it just sort of mutes the strings because its such a soft light wood.

If you want sustain with that guitar get a boss compressor sustainer pedal. Nothing else will help it. Its not a dense enough wood.

They have already done all they could running the strings through the body. Ive thought about adding a rear loading bridge but the wood is so soft im afraid it might rip the screws out.

IMO the wood this guitar is made out of is one step above balsa wood. or foam its that soft.

The wood this guitar is made out of is better for like jazz where the notes quickly roll off.

You can try all the stuff sugested but little will help.
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