So I have a tendency to come up with ideas and progressions that are usually quite short, and I find myself struggling to turn them into longer ideas that sound less repetitive.

Here's one that I'm currently struggling with.


This is supposed to be a chorus for a song my band is working on, and although we all like the basic idea it's just too damned repetitive. I'm honestly at a loss at how to expand upon it.

Any suggestions on how to expand upon this or just how you guys go about taking something really repetitive and expanding on it would be greatly appreciated.
i don't know the timing of that but it looks like it has a distinct rhythm. if you preserve that rhythm you could go off to all sorts of other chords or even modulate and it'll sound unified.
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Well, maybe you don't need to expand it. I used to have a bit of a problem when writing songs, I often started with one riff and rather than basing the song around that riff, I kept adding riffs and more riffs and it eventually turned into something not even a progressive metal band would want. Does the song that contains that riff already has a structure? Does it sound good when the band plays along? Maybe alone it sounds repetitive but with the other instruments and vocals it can sound much less repetitive. If you still want to add something to it, try adding different fills each time the chorus is played, or totally change the tempo/rhythm in one of them to surprise the listener.