Hello Folks,

I'm a bass player, but I like messing with 6 string
guitars in my old age.

When I started playing guitar, I no trouble finding
an acoustic 6-string with a wide neck. I've still
got it.

I've never been able to acquire an electric with a
wide neck. I've seen a few but could never afford
or didn't like any that I found.

My local pawn shop was having a Christmas special
and trying to thin out a bunch of stuff.

I found a BC Rich Mockingbird Bronze with a neck
that is pretty flat and has a nut width just a hair
under 1 and 3/4" (43mm). I love this neck.

I re-shaped the headstock and put it on my Tele.

Now I've got a Tele with a 24 fret neck. It bolted
right on. Even the screw holes matched up.

The neck moved away from the body 1/2 inch. That
put the neck pickup out of the sweet spot. So,,, I
decided to use a HB in that position. I also had to
move the bridge 1/2 inch, so it's a top loader now.

It is really nice. It even sounds a lot better than it
did with the MityMite neck.

My other guitars may not get played much any

Body - 2 piece ash

Neck Pickup - Gibson 490r

Bridge Pickup - 1968 MIA Fender Telecaster

The MityMite neck doesn't sound as good as the
original neck did on the B. C. Rich. So much for
neck not effecting sound. I find that it does,

I had to pay $90 for the BC Rich. I'd like to sell it
and recoup some of my investment,

Quote by -MintSauce-
Did you make any adjustments to the neck pocket and check the scale length on the BC Rich?

No adjustments on the neck pocket. Even the screw holes
lined up.

The scale length of the BC Rich is 25.5 inches. The neck, in
effect, moved north 1/2 inch. That means I had to move the
bridge 1/2 inch.

Not pretty with the chisel but it's covered up and doesn't show,

What does show is the holes for string through, but it's not
very noticeable. I need to cover that some how.

Here it is before I installed the Gibdon 490r,

I had to chisel the cavity for the HB also,

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