I have an Aslin Dane guitar which I bought myself as a Christmas prezzie. It was very cheap so I didnt expect much of it. However I was suprised. It is well made and finished, has a good action and plays slickly. There is no model name on it but it is set up rather like an Ernie Ball Music man. What lets it down is the sound is weak, at least thats how Id describe it. Compared to my Pacifica it sounds quiet and thin through my Laney valve amp.
So I'm thinking I could get some better pickups for it - without spending a fortune! It has a pair of single coils and a humbucker. The humbucker is passable but the single coils are hopeless.
Mostly I play clean or mildly overdriven country blues/rock .
cheers, Jimmy
Guitarfetish and Guitarheads are your friend. Get some new pups and electronics in it. With these site its cheap but you will still get solid electronics though not as comparable to real Dimarzio or Seymour Duncans they are still well worth the money and a noticeable upgrade from any stock pickups.
Quote by Invader Jim
Are the pickups close to the strings?

The pickups may be further than they should be- will that affect the sound much?
I'm going to lower the action a bit and re-string, I'll raise the pickups too, perhaps that will help.