hi peoples Im new on here just looking for a place to be heard and spread the word. Not new to writing in general but new to songwriting. My #1 inspirations for my work are Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, and Thom Yorke, to name a few. Hoping to get some feedback from other more seasoned songwriters. Let me know your guys' thoughts!

infiltraiter, mind alternater
Intimidator, screw all the haters
Test of time, the chronic lapse
Running tracks around the past
a losing race, lets replace
That smug look as off your godamn face

Retrace it bacm to you
Like youve done much better
Write a leeter to tje editor
The self-serving promotion
Trip on your words
And mince mine, now tell me
What gave you that notion?

Old wick with a new flame
Our claim to a new fame,
fast fixated on the prize
The lies our eyes keep telling us, why?

Break the mask
Rehash the past
Our pride fades fast, will it last?
We seek the truth
The familiar sleuth
Where do you want to be?
When this noose takes a life,
We're strangled by this tregedy.

A means to an end
We turn a bend
Will we stay friends
You simple godsend?
Youre not so tough,
Ive had enough
Dangle the rope
now pull it away
Will that stop us, no no
Not today!