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Let's say for example you're with a girl and it's just so passionate that the air's molecules are condensing onto the tip of your nose. You're both completely naked and she pulls out a spoon and says, if you insert this spoon inside my vagina, scrape the walls and ingest it's contents I will perform any sexual action that you desire. Would you do it?

Now let's clarify something, it's not just some random pig***** that you picked up on the side of the road, it's a girl you've had your eye on for a while and you really care for her and she is clean. Would you do it?

The people I work with have mixed answers.
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none of the shit I want to do is particularly messed up or off putting anyways, I'm pretty sure she'd be down WITHOUT me scraping her insides with a spoon
ew, where did she pull the spoon out from then
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The pit is fucking weird today

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this thread confirms my suspicion that the pit is full of 12 year old perma-virgins
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she pulls out a spoon and says, if you insert this spoon inside my vagina, scrape the walls and ingest it's contents .




OK seriously, what kind of contents are even possible?

The whole idea of it makes me shiver, which is really hard to achieve. Bravo TS, bravo.
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What do you want that's so sexually despicable? I'm really into oral, but that's not worth it. If I'm desperate I'll just break into a PJ's Pets with a jar of peanut butter. It's New Years, I have the whole night to myself.
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I don't know. I don't know much about how the v-hole works other than there is a clit and a hole for me to pee into but isn't the stuff that's going to come out with the spoon the same stuff I'm going to get into my mouth if I gave her oral anyway?
I mean, going down on girls isn't exactly bad as long as they're clean anyway so I can't imagine if you put a spoon in and scraped stuff out that anything other than the usual v-juice is going to be on that spoon.

I mean, what are you expecting? That you'll put the spoon in and scrape out a nice pile of Zebra intestine covered in 3 year out of date honey mustard?

I can't think of any sexual acts I would want to do that a girl wouldn't likely just say "yes" to anyway. My needs are pretty tame.
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There shouldn't really be anything major unless it's the 2nd or 4th week is there? Unless she's a disgusting bitch.
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good god man, **** no
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Well that escalated quickly...
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I'd do that anyway.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

I get the feeling your coworkers all think you're weird.

Also, yes why not?
ojkay, thread of the year
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No, I wouldn't. Somehow this is very different from eating her out. Too much disgust for what I get. Your other thread was much easier.
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Well I would have eaten her out by then anyway. But TS I guess youve never tasted oral before hence this horrible thread.
I mean, you're not getting into the cervix or anything so its not like you're eating period or whatever.
I would dilute it with soda to the point where it essentially isn't there. Loopholes ftw.
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