First post!

I'm just wondering if anybody has a good way to get rid of small scratches on the headstock of a guitar?

It doesn't look like a deep scratch but I've tried my guitar polish and that hasn't touched it.

It's not obvious unless you look for it but I know it's there and it's bugging me.

Here's a photo of it

Thanks in advance!

Honestly, not to be rude, but learn to live with it. A guitar will eventually get play-wear, wether you like it or not.
Dude that looks pretty serious. I think u should replace the neck before that crack reaches the body
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Congratulations! Your guitar has had its Axe Mitzvah!
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Log off and play yer guitar!

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Woah, that's a lot of damage! If I were you I'd sell the guitar for parts and get another one...
What you need is a new amp.

Sorry, had to say it, before someone else did.

About the only thing you could try would be buffing compound. However, you're likely to end up with an area that's glossier than the surrounding area, or you may end up having to go too deep. If the guitar has a nitro finish, the other option is to have the surrounding nitro melted into the scratch, then have that buffed to match the surrounding finish.

A last option is to just leave it as is. Your guitar will receive many scratches over its lifetime. Each one just shows how much love it's received.
Haha my LP's headstock is covered in those scratches.
Don't worry about it. Guitars are tools, they get beat up.
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I'm hearing good advice.

I'd use Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound and polishing compound.

But, you being inexperienced, you'd probably take off part of
the logo.

So leave it alone and it will grow on you just like all the other
scratches yet to come.

You'll get tired of buffing them off when the paint wares through, lol

If you try to buff out the scratches with compound you'll likely erase the silkscreened Les Paul Logo in the process. The logo goes on after the finish. Live with it and be more careful when changing strings.
Moving on.....