Hey folks. After a 6-7 year hiatus from playing the guitar, I picked it up again, started searching for tabs and found this forum. I found some good info on this forum using the, wait for it... search feature, and decided to give the Bugera V22 a 30 day trial. I'm gonna mostly jam at home with my 7 year old son so hopefully he gets excited about blues/rock/metal and not just mainstream pop music. I'm gonna go check out the Blackstar HT-40 in a week or so and see how that sounds but for now I liked the 3 pre and 2 power tube design of the B22.

So I read that the B22 is pretty infamous for CQ. I picked a demo model up yesterday for $329 @ GC and had a jam session with full drums, bass and vocals. This little guy held his own very well @ about 7 volume. My bandmates were impressed.

I decided to open her up and see whats' going on inside to see if there is anything loose. A lot of the screws were a tad loose and I tightened them up. Other than that everything looked ok. A lot of glue and quick craftsmanship but for $300 what can you expect? I then took off the protective metal cover so I can reach/swap out the tubes more easily. I'm gonna order a set of JJs and see if I can alter the tone any. I didin't touch the power section or electronics because I have no idea what I'm doing there.

I thought I'd share some if the pics with you folks in case anyone is thinking of getting one or hasn't opened it up yet. I'll let you all know how it hols up for the next 30 days and if I keep it or not.

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG
The Bugera V22 is one of the more reliable amps they make. The 333 was the amps plagued with issues.
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I brought it back to GC and picked up a used Mesa Boogie DC-5. It feels right for me.