So guys, I just got quite the deal on cl for a peavey classic 30 for 150 bucks us. It sounds amazing like all classic 30s ive tried, but the speaker, normally a blue marvel had the sticker pulled off of it. It sounds clearer than a blue marvel with a bit more snap. Anyways to tell what it is?
Taking a picture of the back might help so we can see the magnet and basket. Even that would be hard to tell. There's no labeling whatsoever? Could you get in contact with the guy who sold it to you?
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^ yeah if he bought it used the previous person might have changed it. or maybe just took the sticker off.
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should be a speaker code stamped on the basket, it'll at least get you the manufacturer.

looks like the stock speaker is generally a 12" blue marvel 1238 though, and those seem to be made by eminence

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