Hi, Need assistance badly on two querys... first is i have a Johnson acoustic guitar with inbuilt pre-amp and it has Presence, Treble Middle and Bass (also volume) on it and i plug it into a Ashton AEA 10 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier but it sounds dead.. on the AMP there is from left to right, Bass Middle, Treble, Chorus and volume ( between Chorus and Volume there is a small black plug that says on/off.. by plugging in headphones it sounds a lot better..,,can someone advise me where the control settings should be..i have them in the centre on the AMP and Guitar at present.....also second query , is the above AMP suitable for my Ashton Electric Guitar..(just a made in vietnam job),,greatly appreciate all replys....PS have tried new strings and all equipment is in new or near new condition....
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Controls should be wherever you want them to be.

Move them around, listen to how the sound changes and stp moving them when you have a sound you like.
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If you even don't get the results just check out the guidance tutorial online that will exactly helps you change your guitar sounds default.