The jcm 800 seems to be great from SRV like tones all the way up to kill em metallica era, or early megadeth.

I also want a sound that can cover tones like Sum 41, nirvana, paramore, creed, Shinedown, Incubus, etc...

I dont think the jcm 800 alone will cut it.

can the jcm 800 with a boost pedal sound in the same vein as a dual rec, 5505?? as far as the heaviness?

If I get a boost pedal can the jcm 800 get a great tone to cover those type of bands?

So I should have the amp at near full overdrive with an overdrive pedal on it? what kind of pedal?
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Yes, but get the single channel one. For Paramore at least, you will want an EQ pedal as a boost. Id go for two overdrives as well on my board for versatility. Which, is a matter of preference and budget.
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Definitely, I play pop punk, (wonder uears, fall out boy type stuff) we used one on our last recording. It can do crunch really well. However a 900 is a bit more veraatile but I prefer the 800.
Looked at getting a JCM 900 SL-X?

I pretty much decided on one of those when i wanted to play Paramore, Alexisonfire, Deaf Havana type stuff
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JCM2000 DSL50/100 would be my choice, great cleans and it can do JCM800/plexi type tones and has the ability to do harder music also. It was the amp of choice for Dave from Sum41
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