Hey all! We've just released our first single as a full band. We've posted a song here before called Masquerade Parade where you gave us great advice. I just checked the thread, and there are actually a few people I forgot to crit back, but I'll do so ASAP.

This song is called Beautiful Curse and is one of the most accesible things we've done. Therefore, even though we don't think it's our best song by any means, we chose this as our first single. I'm the lead singer, and I've got to say that I'm a bit iffy on the vocals in this one. I've just started actually exercising my voice again (I know, but better late than never, right?) as I was pretty much destroying it every time I sang. This means that I'm in somewhat of a transition phase where I feel like I'm running on ice when singing, and that is definitely noticeable. But my bandmates ensured me that it was good enough to be released anyway.

Check out the song here: Beautiful Curse on Bandcamp

So yeah, if you have any advice for the vocals, even though I might already be working on that issue, please do let me know.

Happy new year! Looking forward to listen to your music.
The B-58's? I think you have the wrong bomber. What do you expect from an engineer that is into airplanes and the B-52's? Thank you for the review. Now your "Beautiful Curse" (interesting art work and cute girl) tune: the intro electric guitar riff (two notes) is a bit repetitive (I thought the same thing about a Snow Patrol hit song that had a 2 note guitar riff through much of the song). After that the guitar riffs & lead guitar are good. Vocals are OK, but a bit pitchy at times (some Melodyne could help here). I would play the song a second time, but it stops at 0:20 the second time. Bass & drums are fine from what I remember. The song itself is good once it gets past the 2 note riff. I've written plenty of songs about trouble with females until I met who would become my wife.
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