I've read through the stickies, and the question is more about amp sims than the interface as the interfaces have a 'Use For' and 'Do Not Use For' style set up so I should be able to work it out, but as for amp sims what would work best for replicating a high gain metalcore tone ala Peavey 6505+ (The amp I use) and any suggestions for an interface welcome as I don't really know what I'm doing, I was redirected here as I was originally looking at getting a multi fx pedal with recording capabilities but apparently the interface/amp sim setup is more suited to my needs.

Any ideas?
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Straight out of the amp sims sticky /thread
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Straight out of the amp sims sticky /thread

I know I saw those, but I'm wondering if one of the retail ones are superior for some reason, as I said, I've never used anything like this.

PS: My actual setup is a 6505+ with a Maxon OD808, Boss GE-7 EQ, and an NS-2 - are there some sort of virtual pedals I can tweak with the 6505 amp sim software?
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Nah, the retail one's aren't really any better. Especially the ones like Amplitube or Guitar Rig I always found were kind of jack of all trades plugins, whereas each free one only does one amp but it does it really well.

As for your pedals you can easily replace them with plugins, as long as you know what they are:
The OD808 I believe is a Tube Screamer clone right? in that case you could replace it with the Ignite Amps TS999 plugin or the TSE 808 plugin which also both emulate Tube Screamers.
The GE-7 is just a graphic EQ, simply replace it with an EQ plugin (your DAW should have one).
The NS-2 is a noise gate, again you can simply replace it with any other noise gate plugin (and again, the one in your DAW should be fine).
Up for NC's stuff, and check out LeXtac and LeGion too.
Though they're not 6505 they're pretty nice high gain amps, too.

The best I have ever worked with is softube's amp rooms, with bx_rockrack being a far second - the sounds are reeeeeally ****in' nice and the cabs options are better, though it's processor-heavy as ****.

Aww yeah, and both are expensive, so even if (IMO) they're better, they're not worth the investment unless you're using them to work and gain money and stuff.
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Nick Crow stuff is great.

The Peavey Revalver 6505 is AWESOME, though. That being said it hasn't been updated in years.
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