So I am on a search for the perfect name to call my handmade pedal.

- I am making a Tone Bender Mark II fuzz pedal, like the one Jimmy Page used.
- I have the etch primered casing painted yellow.
- I may or may not add in a finely hand painted design to go with the name.
- It will have a satin (non shiny) finish.
- 2 knobs (volume/attack) an LED and then a foot switch

Originally I was going to paint it red and call it the 'Raunchy Beef' but I had a can of neon yellow spray paint laying around so I decided to save the 5$ and use it. Plus who has a bright neon yellow pedal.

Any and all names would be appreciated!! (I was thinking along the lines of '_______ Banana' but that's just me. I am more interested in what you guys come up with!!

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Well Swollen Pickle is already a mass produced pedal so that name would have sucked.

call it The Fuzz and do it in Mellow Yellow style font/color
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Erected banana

EDIT: or call it the naughty banana and have the banana half peeled with a church bell at the tip
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Ducky Fuzz?
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Shit banana

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Shit banana

I vote this one.
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Crispy banana sounds good to me, together with cha33's design.
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How about 'Mustard Injector'? Adds a bit of bite to your tone.
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"Fuzz pedal"
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penis banana?
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