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I've recently bought a 100 watt triple rectifier and need a bit of advice on the order of my pedals, what to put through the parallel loop and what not to etc?
I have a boss tuner> boss noise suppressor> heat blaster distortion> Dunlop wah > line 6 DD4 > digitech whammy. I'm mainly playing heavier modern metal in drop D.
Any advice welcome please!
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Just got a Rectifier myself.

You should do a New Amp Thread with a review/pics/clips

There is never a set answer on pedals. I personally would put the delay and noise suppressor in the loop and everything else out front.
Put tuner first, then wah, then distortion. Delay in the fx loop. Boss noise supressor can go in front and in the loop at the same time, or you can put it wherever you think you need it, it depends on where the noise is coming from.

It is true that there are no rules, but I think this would be the way how the most people would use it.
I would go:
Tuner>Wah>Distortion>Effects loop>Noise suppressor>Delay

Just curious, why are you using a distortion pedal with a triple rectifier?
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Quote by Toddywobs
I've recently bought a 100 watt triple rectifier

You sure? The Triple Recto is 150w...
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