So I've been playing guitar for a few years with a Line 6 Spider III (I know, it was cheap and I was just excited to be getting away from a cheap one from Asda). I'm now in a position where I can afford to upgrade and start buying to get the sound that I actually like.

The problem is I've never been into gear too much and now I want to change that.

I'm looking for recommendations for a new amp and any good pedals (wah, talkbox, distortion, anything really). I'm not in a band, it's just for playing at home so it doesn't need to be extremely loud.

I think I'm going to go for a Marshall as I know somewhere close by which has a good stock of them (if you have any other recommendations then feel free to give them). I mostly play bluesy/classic rock stuff (Gary Moore, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Slash, etc.) so something that would give me a good tone for that sort of thing would be great.

My price range isn't too big, but is a little flexible: probably about £150 - £200 for the amp and a further £100 for the pedals.

I'm looking for an amp and pedals to play bluesy/classic rock stuff at home - any recommendations?
I would recommend not buying any pedals and continuing to save up until you find a band.
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I would recommend not buying any pedals and continuing to save up until you find a band.

I'm not looking for a band, I just play for fun. I am just sick of my current tone.
If you tell where you live it will make it a lot easier to find stuff for you.
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If you tell where you live it will make it a lot easier to find stuff for you.

I'm in South Wales, I'm not against ordering for delivery though.
When it comes too amps Im giving the same suggestions I always do ....take your guitar to the local guitar shop...tell them what your looking for tonewise, what your limitations are volume wise and give what they offer a testride....then look at the prices :-P

When it comes too pedals let the amp do the distortion and go with "clean" for real classic rock....dunlop wah wah, boss delay (dd-5), dunlop roto-vibe and a volume pedal are some I couldn't live without.
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Are all seem to fit the bill. I looked at Craigslist but your area is completely dead.
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when you said you were in a position to afford an upgrade I thought I was going to be able to help but honestly, with your budget you might as well keep what you have and save up more.


At that price you're not upgrading so much as simply moving sideways. There is absolutely nothing at that price point that would be better than what you've got and in most cases you'd actually be downgrading. Any Marshall you can afford is not going to be a Marshall you'd want.

The same goes with pedals really. If you've got a cheap amp with built in FX then there's really no point in spending money on pedals. Yeah you could get a wah or something, but the money would be far better spent if you put it towards an amp that's half decent.

Personally at a minimum I would aim for a Peavey Vypyr, which in the scope of things still isn't a great amp but definitely a large step up from where you currently are.
I'd sell the amp you have now and try to get a smaller tube amp used. Maybe something like a Jet City JCA2112 or a Peavey Classic 30 (which has a nice clean and drive channel). Not sure what else you could nab with that budget. If you can get an amp like the Classic 30 you'll have both drive and clean and can save on getting a distortion or OD stompbox.

For pedals, the MXR pedals are pretty affordable and good quality. You could also nab a used Boss pedal on ebay. I'd look at getting these used off something like ebay:

Crybaby Wah
MXR Phase 90
Boss Delay (there are a ton on ebay)
MXR or Boss Chorus

I think this entire setup would probably cost you around $400 or so, which is a little above your range (selling the Spyder, if you can, would help obviously). However, you'd have a real nice sounding rig and some tonal flexibility with those pedals. Better yet, you'd have a loud enough/nice enough sounding rig to play live or in a band setting if you ever decide you want to.

This is the route I'd go because I've personally made the mistake of buying cheaper stuff in the past when I should have just bit the bullet and paid more for quality gear. The end result was I just ended up upgrading later. If you are going to be in this for life I'd pay a little more and get some quality stuff.
I'm going with Clarkinator. The Jet City would be viable option, even new. Bundle the budget for your amplifier and pedals and get a decent amplifier first. Buy pedals you'd like with what's left.

The Jet City new would leave you with about 60 pounds, calculated with your budget being 300 pounds. You could sell the Line 6 if that wasn't already in your 300 pound budget and buy some pedals with what you get for it, combined with the 60 pounds left over. That should be enough to get you a standard Crybaby and a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive, if you want one. A talkbox is way out of your budget, if you're wondering.

All that will leave you with a decent sounding setup that shouldn't break on you unless you get something with a manufacturing problem.
Thanks to everyone for your help, had to leave so couldn't reply last night, I'll work on my budget and jump back on the forums when I can.