Other than the obvious "level" slider, can someone tell me in simple terms which frequencies the sliders correspond too (not to good with the number values)? The manual says the first three are the "fundamentals", so I assume bass, middle, treble. Not sure on much else though.
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I don't know what the manual says and don't own a GE-7, but looking at the values in a picture, I'd say beginning from the left, the first 2 sliders are bass, the next 3 are mids and the 2 left offer are highs. The level speaks for itself, I think.

It's not dead set, though. The first "mid-slider" will affect "bass" as well, and the third "mid-slider" will affect the "highs". However, it's a graphic 7-band EQ, which makes drawing a line between the three pretty hard, if not impossible.

Don't quote me on this, but that's about what I reckon it is.