I just bought a Peavey Classic 30 112 at the local GC for $300 two days ago. Used, but not a bad deal. It played great in the store with a PRS plugged in. Played fine when I got it home with my 69 Tele through it. Well, today I was playing and noticed that there was some sort of buzzing in the back going on, and a little on the G string also. Only when I play those 2 strings though. I tightened all screws and everything. It's a diff rattle. almost like when you shake a light bulb and the spring rattles? but louder. Anyone know how to fix this?
Well I just looked on their site and the peavey classics have a real spring reverb tank in them. Basically, in the back of your amp there are some big long springs which are used to create the reverb effect and you could be hearing them shake around a bit.

It may also be tube rattle cause by a dud.

I am no expert on the subject but it could be any number of things. I would first try and isolate the source of the rattle if you can. Try swapping tubes out 1 by 1 to see if the problem fixes. Just how loud is the issue? Would you hear it if you turned the amp up to a reasonably loud volume?
I feel as though reverb tank rattle couldn't be so loud as to cause annoyance if you were playing at any half decent volume, but correct me if I am wrong. Google things like "reverb tank rattle peavey classic" and see if anyone else has had an issues and managed to fix it I suggest.
Well, I may be paying WAY too much attention to this. I'm very used to Solid state amps, so that rattle may be somewhat normal with those springs, or it from what I'm seeing, since it is used, I may just need to swap a couple tubes out. This is my first tube and I have yet to take it out on the road with me. It won't see a stage until this weekend, so I have been playing it at bedroom level. I just turned it up and it isn't as bad. kinda drowns in the "distortion".
Yeah, playing louder will make that noise go away

If it is tube rattle, swapping tube won't really fix anything - although worth a try.

I'd give the amp a good whack on its head while it is turned on.
You can take out the reverb pan, clean the RCA jacks with Dioxit contact cleaner, etc.
You can take out the tubes and clean the sockets with some contact cleaner (spray the tube pins)
Tighten down all the screws like you are doing.
Take the tube cage off completely if you have one.
Take the preamp tube shields off (aluminum cylinders)
Plug the amp into an external speaker cabinet and see if you can hear the rattle/buzz
You can get some tube buffer thingys too, I forget what they are called - tube tubbies or something. I'll look it up.
The Classic 30's have problems with tube rattle. If you do a search for Tube Tamer you should find a product that fixes the issue. I have one on my C30 and it got rid of the little buzzing/rattling noises. I'm assuming the guy still sells them, this was 4 or 5 years ago when I got mine.
My only problem is, like I said, this is my first tube amp. I have absolutely no idea how to work on these things. I just got done playing it and it's actually doing it on all 6 strings, but it doesn't seem like it's coming out of the speaker. So I may be okay when it is mic'd but I'd really love to fix it because now that i've noticed it, it's annoying the piss out of me. I'm going to try some of these and if it doesn't work I'm going to take it to GC to see what they can do. I've only had it 5 days and I think it has a 30 day warranty on it. Thanks for everyones advice!
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tube tamer

tube tubbies

I was just thinking of the teletubbies trying to fix OPs amp when i read this..
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I have a classic 30 and a rattle also not bad but you can hear it with a low E
Is it an older version? I know the Classic 30 revisions (droopy logo) were put out because of issues with noise or rattle in the original Classic 30s (Fender lookalikes).
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