Found the classical guitar I want. Now I am trying to determine if I should buy new or used. Found a couple used at one of the big online retailers. Here are the prices:

$999 new
$818 mint condition
$713 gently used (similar to display model)

If purchased used I have 30 days to return it.

Would you recommend going for a used version? If so which one? Initially I thought about buying new but thought I would consider used just because it would save me a little money.
IMO.... Buying a used anything is a matter of "how much do I know about these things?".

If you are fairly expert, and know what to look for, then it's quite possible to score some really great deals in the used market. People upgrade guitars all the time, and often the one they are selling is just fine. But maybe not....There is a reason they're selling it, after all.

I just bought a used Takamine... I figure I scored well. A solid-top instrument that retails for about 300.... I got it for 120. Couple of minor dings. No fret wear, no buzzes, and the previous owner had even had the action adjusted.
Thanks for the replies.

I went with a used Cordoba C10 Cedar. Had my instructor check it out and he thought it was new since it looks flawless. Paid $730 with the hard case. More importantly I love the sound.