I've been looking to further expand my range of music that i listen to. I was hoping some of you're opinions could help me find new bands to listen to i would just also like to mention that i am fairly open to most areas of music i prefer to stay in the rock genre but all the other areas are open as well. I will also add that i listen to bands like linkin park, Pearl Jam, a perfect circle, and a ton of foo fighters. So put up some bands that you think i would enjoy if you would and it will be much appreciated.
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I found loads of new stuff using spotify, look up a band you like then click on related artists and it shows you bands based on what other users listeners of that band also listen to.

I've got tons of new stuff that way, the price justifies itself if you regularly buy music anyway

My suggestions are:

Alterbridge, Halestorm, 3 Doors Down, Flyleaf, Seether (their acoustic album is very pearl jam), Newsted, Hoobastank

Have you heard Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders album? He recorded it 2004/2005 in the downtime between touring and recording In Your Honor, I haven't listened to it yet but as foo fighters fans we should check it out!
I'll list a few songs that define bands across a range of genres (I listen to mostly metal):
Deadwing - Porcupine Tree (Rock)
I Turned You Down - Riverside (Rock)
Change (Part 2) - Karnivool (Metal)
Celestial - Skyharbor (Metal)
Of The Leper Butterflies - Ne Obliviscaris (Metal)
Cantara - Dead Can Dance (Ethereal)
If I Survive - Hybrid (Electronic)
Paradise - White Moth Black Butterfly (Electronic)
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Will you try symphonic metal? Epica, old Nightwish (with Tarja singing), Leaves Eyes, Sirenia...

What about Tool? Dream Theater? Heavier? Morbid Angel. Dimmu Borgir.

Lighter? Journey? Brittany Spears???

I've been on an Iced Earth smorgasborg for the past 2 months. Now I just started my months of Led Zeppelin. ( I know that backwards message is in Stairway to Heaven somewhere. Lol)
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