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Can I use what I currently have to record onto my computer, I know my pedal does have capabilities to record, however I do not know if it is even the quality of recording I would want to use. I'd like to use the mic for vocals and acoustic (I have a full mic set not just one) and then Record rhythm, then lead, then bass, and put them all together to make one song, totally composed by myself. If this is not feasible with what I have, then please inform me with what I'll need?

I play solo, and am 100% self taught and have never even jammed with anyone except a random keyboardist once. Being that said, I want to produce and perform the music I make all myself, it is way more personal that way, and then I can't get mad if someone else lacks the skill, or drive to do what I want them to. I would then only be able to blame myself for failure;.

Thanks for the help guys. (I'd also like some opinions on Upgrading my GX with some Emgs) Is it worth the cost? I already upgraded the bridge pickup to a Duncan with coil tap, and BARELY notice a difference, I mean it's there, but Geez for the cost Idk if it was worth that much!
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Take it to the Recording forum, we can help you better there.


There's a sticky over there that talks you through all the options you have for recording.
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