Hello all,

Ill spare all the boring details of my life and cut to the chase lol
Im looking to start an instrumental/ambient band in the near future as Ive been exploring my creativity in this style of music.
However I notice alot of people in the music industry especially (whatever genre) usually started in their early teens and/or have "made it" by age 21 or 22.
Ill be 27 this year and Im wondering if it's "too late" to get a successful project started?
Don't waste your time unless you're in it for your own enjoyment and nothing more. You're too old, gross, and out of touch with today's youth to get a foothold in the industry.
it's too laaaaaaaaaate

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its never 2 late

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I always tell this to people. Do what you enjoy first, then look for something more when you feel the time is right.

Gotta keep things in perspective and understand that the music industry is a very brutal place. Just enjoy the music you're creating and fate will follow.
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trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
all you have to do is get enough fog machines to shroud your instruments and just turn on the radio and pretend it's you
It's over simplified, So what!

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the only thing that changes with age is your own ability to put up with stuff. if you're willing to put in effort, and you're actually any good, you can find a way to make it work.
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Odds are indeed against you.
But if you enjoy music and want to understand it more through an instrument, you won't regret it.
Also Seasick Steve made it big when he was in his 60's
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Yea it's unlikely, but not impossible.

I think my band is playing some good music but I really doubt that we'd ever get anywhere.

All I want to do is record an albums worth of material, hope people like it and that's it. We'll send a few copies of our best songs out but it's not like we expect much. There are loads of amazing bands who never get anywhere and break up, while others barely survive even though they play show after show.

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well i wouldnt quit your day job, but its never to late to learn a new hobby. If you can make a bit of cash from it, bonus!
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Dude, Seasick Steve was like 63 when he 'made it'.
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Just do it because you like playing music and don't get hung up on 'making it.'


well, the idea is to start earning a living off of it.
Its been a hobby for like 7 or 8 years so far and I wanted to make something more out of.
27?! Hardly a pensioner. quite a few who don't get there until late 20s early 30s.
One of my best friends is a boxer and mentioned to his father that Tyson was winning pro fights at 17 and he was afraid 22 was too old to be going semi-pro. I've always liked his dad's response:

Do you like boxing or not? If you love it and want to do it, what the **** else matters?
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nobody on this site actually does music, I'm pretty sure.

and if we did, we'd be the wrong people to ask about this because we're all on the internet and clearly didn't make it.