this is probably a stupid question but do I need a special capo for a nylon string guitar, I plan on getting a Yamaha NTX700
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But remember that the NTX700 has a 48mm width, radiused neck so a standard acoustic capo might not be wide enough (especially as you move up the neck) and a standard classical capo (which is flat) won't do either.

I would recommend the Shubb C3 or S3. These are designed for a 12 string guitar but they will work fine on your hybrid. Shubb capos are tops IMHO.


PS - the Yamaha NYX700 is a very nice guitar (I have it's very similar predecessor, the APX5NA) - congratulations.
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A second for the Shubb products... They are finely-adjustable so you can set them up to just pull the strings down to the fret without pulling them sharp.... The guitar stays in tune.

I well remember when everyone used those old elastic-band capos and they were just awful.
I agree with the above. You don't need a special one, but they do make trigger-type classical guitar capos that have lower tension and a slightly wider barre to make it seat comfortably. The shubb ones are better than the trigger-type because of the nonadjustable tension.
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