AFAIK the only way to get parts for old MIJ Charvels is to buy used on eBay. You’ll probably need to buy a blank sheet and make it yourself.
If you have a pickguard that fits, contact Greasy Groove.


According to their F.A.Q., a tracing or actually sending them the part will let them make a customized pickguard for your instrument. You can even have it etched...

I Can't See a Pickguard/Cover for My Guitar - Can You Make Me One?

Yes - we can recreate any 2 Dimensional Part as long as you can send us the original part or a very accurate tracing. Please also let us know the guitar brand, model, year, where the guitar was made, and the name of the part if you can.

Can You Make Me a Pickguard/Cover for my Fender® Squier®?

The Fender® style pickguards/covers on our website don't fit Squier®, however we can make pickguards/covers for Squier® guitars if you can send us your original part or an accurate tracing of it - to do this we require an extra $20 set-up fee for pickguards (this fee may be less for covers).

Is it Best To Send You a Tracing or the Actual Part?

It is always best to send us the original part as we can get it dead accurate, with a tracing we can only go from what we are given so if it is slightly off your part will be too.

If I Send You My Part Will I Receive it Back?

Yes - your original part will be shipped back to you with your new part.

How Do I Do A Tracing?

Please see our Tutorial. All tracings must be sent through the post as scanners and fax machines can distort the image.

Can You Put My Own Graphic/Logo on a Pickguard/Cover?

Yes we Can!
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