I have an old Ibanez rg550 that i have decided to change pickups on, I´ve already swapped the Bridge pickup(V8) for a Dimarzio D-activator and I am very happy with that upgrade

But now the time has come to change the neck Pickup and the middle pickup witch is a single coil...and I am super confused.

I live in Sweden, in a very small town and have no chance to try different pickups so i have to go with word of mouth and youtube videos to make my choice.

What I am looking for in a neck pickups is a pickup that sounds great for shredding, especially sweeps and legatos (think yngwie malmsteen), you know neoclassical metal. I am not looking for say kirk hammet´s tone. I want something that sings.
I have been looking at mostly dimarzio Pickups but i am not a "brand guy" so I don't care if it is a duncan or whatever. But the pickups i have been looking at the most is the air norton and the dimarzio Liquifire. what turns me of with the air norton is that i hear that it sounds "dark"... and again I can´t try it for myself so i guess i have to believe that and that doesn´t sound very good to me.

Shit, I am always writing to much.. Look, what i want to know is: If any of you had an rg550 and wanted to play neoclassical, witch pickup would you choose

I NEVER play the single coil pickup in my guitar but as I have been looking at the dimarzio websites I have found that there are actually some pretty kick as single coil pickups... do you have any suggestions for a single coil pickup that could be good for what I just described... Or have beautiful other qualities that you would appreciate on an RG like beautiful cleans or something.

Happy new year!
I have my bridge D activator paired with a PAF Pro Bridge in the neck position....it works very well. That stock s1 single coil is a pretty good pup imo. Otherwise a humbuckin single coil size would be cool to put in there, for coil tapping or series/parallel stuff.
What the hell!!!