As my Vox decided to crap out on me again I’m considering getting a new amp. I’m just starting up a little band with two of my friends. I’m not sure if we’re gonna get anywhere outside of the rehearsal room any soon, but we do want to get gigs somewhere in the future. That said, I’m not looking for a huge stack or anything, just something that’s good enough for home practice, band practice and small gigs.
I’m looking for something that’s good for classic rock, blues, grunge and stoner rock. Think bands/artists like Graveyard, Kyuss, Sleep, Soundgarden, but also Black Sabbath, Golden Earring, Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher.
My budget’s about € 400-500. I’m willing to go used, but there’s rarely a good deal in my area (deep south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border).

I’ve got a Big Muff to cover the stoner sound, I guess.

An amp I’ve got my eye on is the Orange OR15H, but it’s somewhat outside of my budget, especially considering that I have to buy a cabinet too. If anybody knows something similar for a better price, let me know!

Thanks in advance
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A Blues Junior with your Muff and possibly another OD could do that well, without breaking the bank.
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I'm sorry for the late reply, but the Blues Junior is slightly outside of my budget, sorry. Is there any similar amp for a little cheaper?
My Gear:
Gibson SG Classic
Les Paul knockoff >.>
Vox VT30 with footswitch
EHX Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker
An Orange Dark Terror if it's in budget?
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Maybe a used peavey classic combo?

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Look at Traynor amps as well as the Jet City 20 watt or 50 watt for more headroom.

Maybe a Blackstar club-40. Very versatile but you should decide for yourself if you like it. There seems to be a lot of hate for these amps. I enjoyed it, but thought it was not absolutely fantastic at anything in particular. A jack of all trades maybe. Others love them, others hate them

I know you said used gear is rare, but look out for a fender hot rod deluxe, hot rod deville or the blues junior as mentioned above. I would've suggested a vox ac30/ac15 but you say you've had reliability issues :/.

Peavey Classic 30 or a tiny terror/dark terror are also good options that were mentioned above. Note that the terrors do not have effects loops though.

EDIT: Also Bugera V22
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