So after a considerable downsize in my board I'm starting to get the pedal bug again. I picked up the OCD in November, but haven't managed to post about it yet, so here goes:

I tested this in a shop alongside the TS808. I was after a boost OD but had heard loads of good things about the OCD. The one I played in the shop I think had something wrong with it because the volume of the pedal when engaged was uncontrollably louder than when off. I didn't buy it in the shop but came across a sweet deal on eBay so took the plunge. I'm so glad I did. This thing sounds great! It's not what you'd call smooth, very crunchy and raw. The HP/LP switch and tone control gives you a really wide range of sounds. It'll do a really great marshall crunch, really nice british tones. At the moment I'm stacking it with the distortion channel on my HT5. The HT5 is set to a really mild level (sort of simulating power amp saturation in low volume environments), and the OCD stacks on top of it when I need a beefier crunch. The best thing about the OCD is that it really preserves your dynamics, cleans up well if you're gentle, and even when you're using a ton of OD the individual notes are clear. This is by far one of the best OD/DS pedals I've ever heard! And I haven't even tried it at 18v yet…

The Bad Monkey is sort of a tie-over pedal until I can afford a TS9/808. For the price it does the job very well. I've only got it recently so I haven't formed too much of an opinion about it yet. It seems to boost the distortion on the HT5 very well, gives a huge beefy sound. I haven't tried it for metal yet as my Drop C guitar is at my other house, but I'm looking forward to it! I think tonally it's not quite as transparent as it should be, even when disengaged the sound feels a little muddier than it used to be, but maybe that's just me!

I'll try and do some recorded samples in the uni studios soon. I've got a track I've used the OCD on that's nearly finished, so watch this space!

Full board shot:

EDIT Picture not very clear! That's a standard CryBaby and a Korg Pitchblack

Next on my list:
Reverb - Probably a HOF once I can afford it
Tremolo - one of my uni friends is making me one. very excited for this!
Volume pedal - churchy swells etc
Disgustingly fuzzy fuzz - probably something germanium, maybe a Devi Ever pedal!

Need to get saving...
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its a decent pedal, but the exact reason i DIDNT buy it is because its a bit too raw and intense. many people say its more a distortion than an overdrive. sweet non the less.
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