For many years I have been trying to find what works best for me. I constantly switch between using a pick and fingerstyle. When I do fingerstyle, I dont even worry about my nails. If my nails were cut, I use the flesh with no prob. As the nails grow, I just play with my nails. I also hybrid pick no problem.

I play all styles, so for certain styles the answer is obvious. But when writing a song, I find it quite frustrating deciding how to pick. If I use a pick, I tend to hybrid pick alot. I find that the attack sounds much nicer, but certain songs sound sloppier than finger picking. At the same time, fingerpicking just flows well, but sounds muddy on electric.

Not sure what I expect from this topic, but maybe someone has some good advice? I always thought maybe a compressor pedal would help if I stick with fingerpicking but my research shows that I might be wasting my money.
There is nothing wrong with the way you pick.All picking styles are good if you manage to get the notes out the way you want them too BUT in the case of the electric guitar its wise to get at least decent when it comes to alternate picking.Think of it as the base the glue that you ll rely on.Even if you...bastardize it later on using your hybrid fingers or sweeping motions to get to the next strings, a good solid base in alternate picking ll make everything easier.

In my case i started electric after some years of classical guitar which meant i was quite fluid fingerstyle-wise but the pick felt like i was holding a tree log.I realised though that alternate picking skills were too important for the electric to ignore, so i worked in that direction to get better.Going through that practise showed me that although i was working on my picking my fingerstyle skills havent abandon me.For example even today if iam called to arpeggiate some kind of chord for a ballad its gonna be just fingers or hybrid picking...you cant get that fluidity as you said with picking in that case.If i have to play some fast linear solistic lines its always gonna be alternate,economy or combination of the two.

So my bottom line is that when you start electric guitar alternate picking practice and skills are a necessity to a point where you are at least decent.After that you can branch out and combine it with different things....but you have to have at least a solid base.

So...practice alternate picking....get familiar with the inside and the outside picking motions and leave the rest fall into place.For me to tell you the truth its more important the angle of the pick,the tension you use to hold it,the economy of motion etc etc etc than the actual direction the pick is moving...but at beggining stages alternate picking is still your best strategy.Even if you bastardize it later on .
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Hmm maybe you're right. I can alternate pick with no problem, it has become sooo natural to me. But maybe I just need to stick with it for a bit. Like you said, you never forgot how to do fingerstyle so it can't hurt right? Or maybe get used to holding a pick in my teeth lol

Never did try a thumb pick though.