so i started a new one a explorer combination snakebite
i want to make it looks like its hit by on explosion
so here some pictures

so started with a basic steel plate
explorer/snakebite cut out
and made some holes in is like its smashed and then i put some perforated plate behind it so you don't get injured wile playing this beast

then i put front and back together and i got this....

after welding the body sanding it i paint it in 2 colors
here is the back

and here is the front
the inside of the body is painted red and yellow
when you look in to the cut away parts it looks like it is burning ???? don't know how to explain

now the blank steel parts are rusty
here is the final finish
i still have to get my hands on the pickguard to make it rusty to get one with the body

i also bended one side to improve pliability

feel free to leave a comment plz...if you like it of course
Normally I hate when people make guitars like that but that's freakin nice dude.