I've got an older Morley Wah pedal, It's been in my pedal case for about 3 years working no problem. The other day I plugged into my set up to play and the output was weak and fuzzy with or without the wah on.

I used process of elimination to weed out the usual bad cable, going straight to the amp, or other source to the problem. I have narrowed it down to most likely the input side of the wah as the output is always connected in the pedal board and the input is plugged and unplugged on a regular basis.

Question is, anyone run into this problem, and before I rip it completely apart, should I bother trying to fix it, or just replace?
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I had to repair mine (old PWA) and it was the solder joints where the jack met the board. I'd look there first after trying simply cleaning the jacks.
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