First off i dont even know if this is in the right place for this question and if it isnt im sorry i got lost trying to figure out where to do my first thread on here.

Anywhoooo.... I am looking at getting a Jet City jca22h amp for my first tube amp i have a peavey vypyr 30 watt amp right now. I dont know much about cabs and speakers and everything but from what ive been reading people recommend avatar cabs and celestion vintage 30's so i was looking at getting an avatar 212 with celestions v30 or maybe one v30 and one greenback

do you guys think these are a good combo?

i like playing metal like killswitch engage and bullet for my valentine and all that remains and such but i also like blues like joe bonamassa and gary moore and classic metal and hard rock stuff

i am also planning on getting a peavey XXX down the road as well. the jca22h will mainly be for like blues rock stuff
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do you guys think these are a good combo?

It's clearly not a combo at all.
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i meant the avatar cab with the celestions combined with the XXX or jca22h

and i like the scenery from the cab rather than the train

if a mod could move this to the right place that would be awesome lol
thought this was gonna be about taxis lol
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Just get a used Peavey 6505+ combo instead. Saves so much hassle.

I wanted to get head and cab separately so i could change heads around later if i wanted to