hi all i am thinking of buying an ESP eclipse but all eclipse i found come with EMG pickups. More over my current guitar have EMG pickups and i think it whould be stupid if i buy another guitar with the same pickups.I want something more like Amorphis/Edguy/Sentenced sound so i thought about changing the EMG pickups with Seymour Duncan's what do you guys think? should i do this or maybe try a different guitar???? thank you
Let me just start off with - I dislike most everything with EMG on it. 81/85 or 81/89 - I don't care that Gilmour used an SA. Slayer, well, they have their own sound - I dig their music, but it's not my kind of sound. I've heard better-sounding cheapies. I like the Duncan actives - the Live Wires, the Blackouts; they seem to have the guts and soul that EMG's lack. I've never had any, but I think you have to replace the whole setup if you switch - you can't mix and match EMG with SD. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Try it. Report back with your results. There was a specific model number SD that I had both ears on that I might put in my VMNT.