So I went to Sam Ash today with a couple of buds to mess around with some instruments and maybe get something if I liked it enough. Well the store had some closeout sales today that were really awesome including this guitar's price.
I was debating between this one, a used Jackson DKMG ($400) and a Gibson SGJ (at $479 new, the even had LP studios new for $800). I got this one brand new for $400 + tax which is really nice seeing they are normally $650-700, which was well over my budget. The reason this one won out over the others was mainly because:
The Jacksons frets were too big making sliding/moving around too difficult.
The SGJ was $80 more and much less pretty and versatile, but still very impressive.
But neither could surpass this one, which I have zero complaints about less the tremolo bar which does not raise the pitch of notes very well.

Specs/things to love:
Beautiful flame maple finish across the entire instrument.
3 way pickup switch + coil splitting!
Super slim neck + very nice fret access across all 24 frets.
Trem bar, which does not throw the instrument out of tune at all.
Padded gig bag
Very responsive knobs
Versatile pickups (not great but still good) especially with the coil splitting function.

I'm totally pumped about this guitar, I played for hours tonight and will continue to do so for, well, years I guess... Sorry I don't have a video, maybe I'll make one if I find some spare time when I'm not playing
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Congrats! The whole SE serie offers so much value. Hope you'll have lots of fun with the guitar but I have no doubt about that!
Sexy, sexy! Looks like you're going to be having a good time for quite some time.
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you can set that trem to get a bit of lift out of it. it sets up very similarly to a strat trem.

nice score, good to see the guys at sam ash cutting deals again. they went stale there for a bit.

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I'm not normally a fan of PRS, but I have to say that is a beautiful guitar.

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Love the finish on that guitar! HNGD!
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