This should be quick but this is my first dealing with tube replacement so I wanted to double check.

I need new tubes for my Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 4x10. It needs 5 12ax7s and 2 6l6s or EL84s (it has a bias switch in the back so I can use either). Eurotubes has a set for $70. Are they ok to buy from? It's looking like thats the best deal I'm going to get price-wise.

Secondly, is there anything I need to know about swapping out tubes besides "line up the pins" and "don't touch the tubes with bare skin?"
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Bob at Eurotubes was a good guy when I called him and bought a set of tubes from hom back in '05-'06. The site is still old school looking but the tubes were delivered quickly and packaged well. I assume nothing has changed on that end. They also sounded very good. Maybe somebody more in the know can chime in here on the quality these days.

Are you sure it's EL84 and not EL34s?
Eurotubes is fine if you only need JJs. If you want some variety you'll need to go elsewhere. I usually use Tube Depot or KCA NOS tubes, Doug's Tubes is good too.

And you can touch the tubes with your bare skin. The idea that you can't is a mistake that comes from high-temperature bulbs like you'd use in a movie projector. Vacuum tubes are quite sturdy, you could smear them with peanut butter if you wanted and they'd work just fine.
+1 for Eurotubes. They put up with my annoying amount of questions the first time I swapped my tubes and walked me through the whole process. Can't recommend them enough.

As for the pins, get yourself some contact cleaner for the sockets. http://store.caig.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.188/.f

If you're still unsure, watch a few Youtube videos. Its not that hard to swap them yourself.
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Eurotubes is legit and I think that more than any vendor, they have really earned their business and reputation. I've bought from them multiple times. When I've ordered from them I have often been surprised at how fast they shipped.

Once I needed help finding an impossible-to-find schematic (for an Ibanez Thermion, I needed to see how the funky footswitch was built)... and one of the dudes there actually had it and gave it to me.
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Eurotubes for JJ, DougsTubes for everything else.
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Eurotubes ships fast but they are not favorite for these reasons:

1.) Eurotubes is kind of a bogus name. I think they are in Oregon.
2.) Some of his 'safety tips' on biasing amps is weak. Prompted me to make a blog on the subject.
3.) They only carry JJ, as mentioned, and seem to hype the snake oil regarding preamp tubes.