so i set out to debug the liberal komrade with boost pedal i abandoned about 6 months ago, and got it working.
i'd made some mistakes on the vero and pulled it, and was determined to make it work, and did.

couldn't get the boost to work tho... i'd tried making a pnp version of the omega boost dino turned me on to for the suzy q project, but it didn't work.

since i'd fixed the fuzz, i was determined to make the boost part of the vero work, too... so i looked at simple boosts, and tried a few on my breadboard.. and after messing with something a little more normal looking, i yanked a couple resistors to try a different voltage divider going to the base of the transistor.. and WANGO... suddenly what i was looking for was there in spades.

when all's said and done, the simplest booster i think i've seen, 7 components, not counting switches/jacks/wiring.

present for you, the komrade boost (boost from the liberal komrade II that i just finished).

why komrade? cuz it's 3 russian mn165/b whatever pnp germaniums in it. hfe 120, tho it didn't seem to matter.

assuming leakage comes into play... tried 12 of these transistors randomly outta a bag full, and a quick twist of the trim pot and every one sounded great.

goes from a nice cleanish boost to a nice crunchy overdrive. try one on your breadboard, i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

the optional switch lets ya go from a treble boost to a mid boost, which i liked. i did try it as a footswitch, and liked it enough to keep it... switching from the .001 to .022 gives a real nice boost on top of the other boost.

sounds great with the liberal komrade fuzzface driving it. they're on one board, in one box.
i tried RG's juggler to swap the boost and fuzz, but there was no comparison, the boost needed the fuzz first in this case, tho the other way gave a really creepy trent reznorish overloaded broken fuzz that was real thin, almost an octave, that "swelled" and "overloaded" in a kinda cool way... but not cool enough to keep.

anyways... nice booster. check it out and let me know what ya think...

so... who's circuit did i recreate? it's simple as hell, but man, it sounds really sweet!