Any suggestions on pick hand positioning for beginners? Is the hand / fingers placed so that there is a reference point to the strings? Also, any good exercises to increase the accuracy of moving between strings, like from 6 to 4 and 1 to 3, etc...
place the hand where you are able to play all the strings. Beginners and some are used to anchoring a finger to sturdy themselves when needing to be accurate and things. I just recently broke my habit of anchoring. Remember anchoring is not a bad thing but, not anchoring opens up your movement. As far as exercises there are S**t tons on the net for what your asking for i.e. string skipping etc. Just don't stop your practicing even when it sounds bad. learn from the sounding bad to make it better (record yourself).
There is no right and wrong position for your picking hand.

My co-guitarist for example places his hand so that his pick is right between his neck- and bridge-humbucker.

I can't do that, because my midle position singlecoil would be in my way of playing. Instead, I have to positions: When playing leads, I usually have my hand slightly resting on the bridge, playing the strings between the midle-singlecoil and the bridge-humbucker. For rhythm I play the strings between the neck-humbucker and the midle-singlecoil. That way it's also easier to perform palm-mutes because if I lay my hand down, it's already on the strings.

You have to figure out for yourself, though. What works for me might be totally wrong for you. I developed my technique out of need so I wouldn't hit my pickups with my pick and especially the rhythm-technique was difficult to get used to because I can't rest my hand anywhere and have nothing like an anchor point.

I also know someone who places his pinky and ring finger on the guitar body, slightly under the high-E-string. I can't play that way because my fingers are too short, but said person claims he does so for stability of his picking hand.
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