Hi all, I am looking at a Gibson Sonex 180 on eBay. It's a good price, and I like how it looks, sounds, and also how the one I played here in Seattle a few years back felt. But there's a but. It's not red or TV yellow or cream or sunburst or anything like that: it looks as though it is an unfinished mahogany. It claims to be made of wood rather than Resonwood. It also doesn't have the zebra humbuggers. So I put it to you, guitar nerds of the internet (who are more knowledgeable than I): what's the deal here?

Original listing.
sonex neck on a different body. they also made a couple of other bolt on models in the early 80s like the Challenger. all sonex's were made of that fiberglass type stuff. the neck clearly shows a great deal of wear that body doesn't. sonex"s came with dirty finger pups those don't appear to be.
That's kind of what I was expecting, although it has all the right shapes and proportions. The Challenger is a much cruder looking beast, at least in the pickguard department. It did stink a bit too much. Also, not all the Sonex 180s had Dirty Fingers humbuckers: the lowest level model, the Deluxe (stupid, stupid nomenclature), had Velvet Brick pickups. Some of these were made in black only casings, and what I suspect has happened to this guitar is that it's a Sonex Deluxe neck and loaded pickguard slapped on a Challenger body, because the Challenger was released in a natural finish.

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