I have a 1972 Tele copy, it's really nice guitar considering it's a copy anyway i'm getting it properly set up and i don't like the bridge pick up, not too concerned about the neck, i play Classic Rock 70's and 80's (Zeppelin, GnR etc.) I'm looking for something hot, like a P90 but a single coil, any you can think of?

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Well, a P90 IS asinglecoil, just a different kind.

How is your bridge routed? Standard Telecaster? Strat style singlecoil?

Vintage Vibe can get you a custom wound for just over $100.

I know standard Lace Alumitones are available in singlecoil size; their Deathbuckers may be as well. They also have hot singlecoils with more traditional designs.

Tesla has a couple.

Bareknuckle has a few.

Rio Grande makes a wide variety of pickups you might like.
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"Music Without Emotion Is Like Food Without Flavour"
Paul Gilbert