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Sadly, I got a chip on my Ernie Ball Music Man-JP6 guitar as a result of the hard-shell case flap being shut down on the edge of it by accident(My dog jumped on the case), as I was taking the guitar out of the case to play the other night.

Please can you go through the attached pictures and advice as to what I should do to get rid of this patch? What's so sad is that it has not even been good 3 months since I purchased this from US. Unfortunately there are hardly any guitar technicians in my country and I'm hesitant to take this even to the best technician here because last thing I want is him making matters worse. He might fix the chip but sure as hell he wouldn't restore the paint around the area. Mainly because the guitar is of mystic dream color. I'd rather depend on some expert advices from all of you before I do anything.

Please advice gentlemen.

Many thanks in advance

photo 2.resized.JPG
photo 3.resized.JPG
photo 5.resized.JPG
photo 1.resized.JPG
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Sadly the battlescars are part of the guitars life and making them dissappear without a trace without resorting to refinishing is very hard. The chip of yours looks to be very small and underside of the guitar so its possible that it could be hidden with a drop of nail polish of similar color, except the pearl/chameleon effect will definetly be lost in that spot.

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is it nitro or poly? the finish.

i'd find nail polish that's close in color, let one drip fall into the ding. keep the guitar positioned so the drop doesn't run out. let it dry.

then once dry (+24 hrs later) drip one or two drops of clear polyurethane so it fills until it's about level.

you can wetsand and buff it nice if you want.

or just consider it a love tap and move on.

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I totally misread your title as "How to get rid of the small chip in my body"

The chip or dent you have is too small to worry about and it's on the bottom were not many people are gonna see it. I'd dab a little purple marker on the area and wipe away the excess, but that's just what I'd do.
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Go to www.stewmac.com and do a search on "drop-fill". The process is explained in one of their "newsletters" and involves filling the chip with small droplets of paint that matches the original (or clear paint or even clear superglue) until the chip is no longer a chip, but is actually raised a bit compared to the finish surrounding it. Once dry, it's sanded down with tiny strips of sandpaper pulled under a fingertip positioned over the raised area. By using various grits of sandpaper, moving toward extremely fine, you can get the chipped area to match the surrounding area, and then you simply polish that area to match the gloss of everything else.

I've gotten to the point where I can do this in a few minutes (after the paint is dry) and it's undetectable. Unlike other folks, I try to repair these so that they don't get larger (they can and do). I realize that there are those who think this is a battlescar to be appreciated as something either macho or mojo. I just fix 'em.
If its a poly finish, you can drop fill with superglue... sand... and polish out. It still may be viewable but it will be a smooth finish.
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Do not do anything about it. It is an extremely small damage, and if you are going to play the guitar at all, it will have several of those thing in a few years time. Fixing them isn't worth it, and it isn't really possible to repair a poly finish. You can hide the damage to your best ability, but why do that? You buy a guitar to play it, not keep it in mint condition. I know it hurts when something happens to your instruments, but play the guitar because it is a good guitar instead.

Play the damn thing until it looks like this:


And then play some more.
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Honestly I think you'd be better off leaving it as is. With it being so small it may be more trouble than its worth. I actually didn't even see it in the first picture until I looked through the other pictures.
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Thank you very much gentlemen. Really appreciate your genuine inputs. Greg: no it was my black labrador screwed it up. I'm happy to post a pic but UGF site admins have thier thing on such posts so I better not.

I think I would just leave it as it is and move on. I'm sure that nail polish trick is a good option but if I were to do it I'm sure it will be a mess.

This may come as a stupid question but do you think that this chip will get expanded or something? As in the case with cracks. Actually that was part of the reason as to why I was thinking about fixing it. If its a No, hell I'm just gonna ignore the damn dent.

Thanks again people

you have exposed wood. so yeah over time it could spread as dspellman says.

one drop of nail polish may just do the trick. put a drop in there and leave it to dry. do not touch!

don't worry about the mods, they can be bought cheap!
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I use Acrylic model paint, something such as TAMIYA paint.
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Quote by HomerSGR
Fixing them isn't worth it, and it isn't really possible to repair a poly finish..

With regard to the repair of a poly finish. This is, sadly, one of those Internet Myths that has gained credence mostly because it's been repeated so often. The corollary is that it's much easier to finish a nitro-finished guitar because a top coat of nitro just melts into the finish that's under it. That's not quite accurate either.

In any case, it's possible to repair a poly-finished guitar. The methods are just smaller versions of the way it's done on an automobile. It's just a different procedure and skill set.
Thank you very much Gentlemen. You all are just amazing. I will do the nail polish trick one of these days. Speaking of which there seem to be Nali polish online in mystic dream color.


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Well, it does suck because it looks like a beautiful instrument, but like others said, don't obsess over it too much, it's part of the guitar's history and it's not like it's going to detract to the tone. Honestly I bought a used strat the other day, I played it for a good 30 minutes and really liked it (a lot!) until I noticed a few chips on the underside, kind of like where yours is. I almost let that stop me from buying the thing, and then I thought "what the heck", and now I'm so happy I got it. I kind of like the chips, makes it feel worn in. They scream "give me some luvin'"! Your guitar won't always look brand new, no matter how much you take care of it, but it's OK.
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watch the vid they posted, dan erlewine is a savant with guitars.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Oh man, do I know how much that sucks. I'm sorry dude, but it was bound to happen, the basswood your guitar is made of nicks SUPER easily. The good news is that the first one is the worst one, all subsequent nicks/scratches won't be a big deal.

Think of it as character for your guitar .
Gentlemen there is something else also I've noticed in this guitar. That is I see/feel a straight line(a crack like) going from the bottom where the strap pin is located up to pickups. I tried taking pictures of this but the camera lense can't seem to pick it up. Since the body is just one piece of wood can this be possible? This is as if the body has been cut in 2 pieces from the middle and i'm seeing the very point where 2 pieces meet once they have been glued. As I said gentlemen this is almost unnoticeable, and it is pretty straight like it serves some kind of a purpose. Or could this be a crack so that I could look for an easy way to kill myself or something?
Usually most guitar bodies are two pieces of timber that have been joined, and that glue line is the "crack" you're seeing. This is because to get a single piece of timber that is wide enough is generally a lot more expensive, especially when you're looking at figured wood and such. That's why most of the time a longer or thicker piece of timber is cut into two and then joined so that the wood grain matches up as well as possible, known as bookmatching, but it's pretty hard to hide the glue line.

Unless the specs of the guitar specifically say that it's a single piece body then there's nothing to be worried about.
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