Hey everyone this is my first post in these forums. So I'm sorry if the location I've chosen isn't right in these topics. I need some advice on what I have planned for my strat. First I'm investing in some basic pickups to upgrade from the stock Mexican ones that came with the guitar. I've chosen the Fender CS69 set as my first purchase. I'm not familiar with the differences in pickups quite yet but I'm looking for a bluesier, punchier vintage tone than what my guitar give today.

I understand that tone has allot to do with the guitar itself and the amp I'm using. So starting with the 69s, if I feel the need to upgrade certain pup positions I surely wont hesitate to do more research to figure out the exact tone in my head. Sometime next week my Marshall DSL40c will arrive and I'm sure I'll get closer to that vintage strat sound upgrading from my dusty 38-Watt Fender Frontman amp. I also plan on ordering a replacing tremolo set from Callaham. I'm excited and I really want to hear any experiences you guys have had with these pickups or Callaham products.

I think I've lucked out with my guitar getting it at an unusual price of $425. It's not the most attractive guitar(artic white on alder wood), but the feel and smoothness of it's playing is beautiful. But I really want to beef up it's twang and get that vintage 60s tone. Your thoughts are appreciated!
I upgraded mine with 69's (set of 3) and was *really* impressed. The stock pickups didn't strike me as bad or anything, but that was the first thing I thought of as an upgrade. For me, the 69's had enough extra drive, but more importantly a ton more "character". I'm not sure how else to describe them, but they really impressed me and seemed useful for a wide range of music. If you just crank up all-out distortion, it may not make that much difference. I was looking for something versatile like a 70's tone (Hendrix), and I was hesitant to get hum canceling since it seemed to compromise tone from the reviews I'd seen. I got just what I was looking for.

I'm not familiar with your amp, but I'm assuming it will sound better than a dusty Fender!
I recently put Texas Specials in my MIM Strat... all I can say is WOW.. What a difference. going after 500k pots next...

And, in my opinion, the Marshall DSL 40C is an excellent choice... Great cleans, lots of punch. Loud enough for the stage at any venue. The lead channel is a bit noisy when not playing (very noticeable if it's mic'd), so turn back to the clean channel during breaks.

As always... JMHO
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