hi guys, I'm currently owning an Epiphone Viola bass and I recently joined a band. since our band is going to focus more on pop rock tunes (Paramore stuff), I was wondering if my bass is suitable in this genre (or what would be the pros and cons for using the Epi Viola in pop rock). if not, do you have any tips to make my bass have that thumpy tone?

I also changed my strings into nickel roundwound strings since it's said that it will give a different sound to my bass.
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can you play the music?

Do you like the way the bass and your amp sound playing it?

You just answered your own question now
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Honestly if it works and you like it, it will be fine, If you don't live it get a p-bass
While different basses give different sounds, I think that the right amp settings are way more important. The thing with the instrument is that it should be comfortable. If it was a violin or an acoustic guitar the type of the instrument would be more important, but as you're plugged into an AMP ( maybe even pedals ) it's less important.