First of all, I know this is a big request, but I'll ask you, maybe somebody help me. I'm a guitarist, so I don't know too much about drumming. I've a BFD2 software, with Joe Barresi: evil drums kits. Now I'm learning drumming from saved midi files, what I open in Reaper with BFD2...My question is, what should I set in BFD2 in "kit page" and in "mixer page"? I know there are some videos on youtube, but these are for Evil Drums, and I think, for every kit should be another settings. I really like the drum voice in metallica's ...and justice for all album, I'll something like that.Can someone help me?
Maybe easier with making video or with screenshots.

Thanks in advance!
You need to learn how to mix drums... that's really all you need here. We can't flat out tell you how to do it, it's not as easy as that.
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