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I am about to buy an acoustic guitar and I have narrowed down my options to Seagull S6 Original QI and Samick Om8 CE (with cedar top). I live in Poland and Seagull guitars are quite rare so unfortunately I will not have the opportunity to test it. I like the sound of Samick, very warm and mellow. I can get a Seagull for around 450$ (used with a hard case) and Samick for like 360$ (with gigbag). Any advice?
that's an easy one. you've tried the Samick( of which i'm a fan of) an you liked it. the Seagull is the unknown. i do like seagulls. i had an S6 slim for a while but gave it away last year. i had a Samick ASDM that broke but i liked it so much that i got another. i live in a cold climate such as yourself and when i take a guitar out of the house in the winter, it's the samick. take the savings you get from the samick and invest in a hard case. the gigbag comes in really handy when just going to a friends or the beach( we wont be doing that anytime soon will we?) and the hardcase for travelling.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
the seagull S6 is probably my favorite solid top guitar - it's balanced with sparkling highs and enough bass to satisfy me. that being said, the S6 original is a dread, which is going to have a different sound than an OM - probably a bigger sound, if you see what i mean. the S6, btw, has a wider nut than a lot of guitars, which i quite like, but i can't find the nut width for the sammick on google easily.

all that being said, i'd rather buy a guitar i really liked that i tried in person rather than a guitar that sounds good on paper but that i can't try. i've tried guitars that lots of people really love that i didn't care for, and you DID like the sammick.
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