Hey everyone.
I'm a beginner guitarist and I'm looking forward to buying my first guitar, but there is a problem.

I am Brazilian, and if you don't know, we have stupidly high taxes on everything, and guitars are no different. With my budget I can only afford a Ibanez GIO RGA model. I didn't play it, but I held it in my hands and the neck felt great. The bridge is fixed.
I heard older GIO models are awful, but this is one of the newer ones, so I don't know if that helps.

Here's a pic of the axe:

So, thoughts?
Go for it or cry because all we have is soccer and hot women?
Ibanez GIO are not bad for begginers. So I say go for it and also be proud because you have hot women.
I have a GRG121EX I bought in 2011 and its pretty good in my opinion. I have since upgraded the pick ups and still play it a lot even though I have way more expensive guitars.

The fretwork on mine is decent and allows for fairly low action which I like, fixed brige is definitely a plus, as floating tremolos are awful on entry level guitars, and the tuners hold really well.

Maybe I just got lucky with mine, quality control is probably a bit "loose" on GIO's, so its up to you I guess. All I can say is that I have been really happy with mine so far.
I just decided to buy it.
I think I also got lucky, the finish is excellent, pickups are nice but I'll probably be changing them anyway.
So far I'm very happy with it, I think it's the best deal I had on a fresh new guitar within a low price range.
Thanks guys.
Gio series is fine, i got mine for 300$. Only thing that neck is less comfortable than other ibanez serioes.