I've been playing for 5 years now. I do try to do most of my own work and adjustments myself. I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to start trying to work on a project guitar of my own to build and restore. I'm aware that its a challenge and will be extremely hard but I really want to learn by trail and error or by a teacher. My main hangup i think will be the wiring. I have no clue how to wire pick ups. I dont even know what all I'd need. So I was wondering where the best place to learn would be. I can not attend a tech school being that I am a senior in high school and don't have the time or money to do something like that at this time. Any suggestions?
Check out the wiring thread linked in my sig. This is exactly why I made it. Of all the electrical/electronic stuff related to guitars, guitar wiring is by far the easiest. You'll get it in no time.

If you have other questions feel free to ask. I still haven't gotten an explanation of how pickups and pots work posted in that thread but I can give you a quick rundown if needed.
You pretty much just put your pickup in the hole and solder the wires to the pots (which are the bottom of the switch) but you have to follow a diagram. Just Google one whether your guitar is a start style, led Paul, etc.