i'd like to buy a new amp:

Budget: 1500€ (price for new amp, but I will get it used)

Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal

New or Used: Used (the price listed above is for new though to make it easier)

Home or Gig: Definitely both

Closest City: Bolzano, Trento, Vienna, Insbruck

Current Gear: Jackson mid-low end guitar (don't know the exact model), fender mustang I V2 20W SS amp
Ok, seriously. How many threads are you going to make about this same subject?

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Stop making the same thread over and over. You have a thread like this open, close this and just use that one
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Quit making so many threads, you already have several others open, where you can ask your questions, no need to make multiples.
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