Damn dude, I know you were looking for constructive criticism but I really don't have any to offer. I love this; it's so fresh, instruments are great, singer is pretty damn awesome, and that's coming from someone who is extremely picky about vocalists and can have an entire band of awesome musicians ruined by a crummy vocalist. I don't know if that's you singing, but if not, tell that dude he's great.

You guys remind me just a little bit of Incubus.. progressive blues rock.. hell yeah, count me in.

edit: Just checked out your other video on Youtube too. Top notch stuff, man. You guys are blessed with two awesome vocalists. Again I'm a vocal elitist and can't stand quite a large chunk of the singers I have heard.. and especially female vocalists but this stuff is gold.

Message me when you put an album up for sale!
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